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One Day, One Photo, Lots of Poetry!

The Poetry for People project is a daily poetry-writing prompt. Each prompt takes the form of an inspiring image, and a suggested poetic form. Users of the site are encouraged to come back each and every day in April to share, read, and inspire others. It doesn’t matter if you’re a poetry novice, or a master wordsmith.┬áThe mood, style, or feeling of the poem is up to you, but please make sure to read the project guidelines before posting your poem.

The project is dedicated to providing poets of all ages with a place to practice their craft, and give them a big audience. In addition to meeting several Common Core Teaching standards, this project hopes to serve as a model for effective and responsible online sharing, learning, and collaboration within a K-16 educational setting.

Who’s Behind This?

Created by Ben Rimes, an educator in Southwestern Michigan, and curated by several other excellent educators around the U.S., this project is community driven. Ideas about which poetic forms to write for each day’s image and the images themselves are all generated by the community. Educators, students, and even professional poets are all welcome to participate as partners in the writing process. While this project doesn’t intend to make fabulous poets out of all of the community members, it does intend to help give fledgling poets a chance to express themselves, and grow with the help of others.