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Poetry Resources

Tools & Resources for Helping Write Poetry

For Better For Verse - Interactive tutorial for checking and exploring meter

Instant Poetry Forms – Create “instant” poems by filling out the templates online.

My Poetic Side – Publish your poems, create PDF eBooks of your writing, comments on other works, and build poetic connections.

Rhyme Zone – Find rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and other words helpful in completing the perfect line

Rhymer – Online rhyming dictionary including end rhymes, beginning rhymes, and double rhymes


Other Writing & Poetry Prompt Tools & Websites

Writing Prompts Tumblr – Lots of engaging graphics and visual writing prompts for secondary writers

Poetry Prompt Generator – A simple tool for creating poetry prompts that mash up famous poets and famous poetic works

Write About This App for iOS – Simple visual writing prompts suitable for elementary and middle grades