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Getting Started

Getting started with the Poetry for People project is pretty simple and quick to do! While you’re more than welcome to use the resources and visual poetry prompts on the site for other poetry projects, there are many ways to interact with the project that take less than 5 minutes! Whether it’s everyday, once a week, or just when you have some extra time, here are a few ways to participate.

  • Write a poem!¬†Find an image on the the site that inspires you, and write a poem using the submission form below the image.
  • Submit a photo! Visit the photo submission page to upload your own inspiring image, tell us what poetic form you’d like people to write, and give us a little information about it.
  • Follow on Twitter! You can follow the Poetry for People Twitter account for updates on new visual prompts and to get updates whenever someone writes a new poem.
  • Explore Poetry Resources! Use the Poetry Resources page to discover tools to help you write better poetry, or play around with rhymes, verse, and more.